Ibotta Review (2020): Is Ibotta Legit and Safe to Use?

Getting discounts and saving money while shopping is surely something that we all look for. Ibotta is an app that will make your grocery shopping more fun and rewarding. Cash-back apps are quite popular these days and Ibotta’s popularity is increasing rapidly in this sector. Before jumping into any conclusion, go through this in-depth Ibotta review.


Ibotta Review 2020

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free mobile app that lets you do earn cash when you shop for groceries. It’s pronounced as “I bought a”, see the irony there?

Ibotta is like the digital equivalent of coupons that mainly focus on in-store purchases. However, they also offer discounts for shopping online at their partner stores.
You no longer need to go through pages after pages, looking for the right coupon and then take them to the store. Ibotta gives you the flexibility to have the conveniences of coupons with just a touch on the screen.


Is Ibotta Legit?

This is a common question among people. Having a little knowledge of affiliated marketing will help you figure out how Ibotta earns money and why they are not illegal. Well, most of their revenue is generated as the stores pay them to promote more of their items on their offer list. From that Ibotta pays you, so, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. It’s absolutely legit and you’ll be making no offense with your purchase through Ibotta.


How Does Ibotta Generate Money?

As you’re getting easy money on offers that are too good to be true, we often wonder how do they do it? As we discussed earlier that they generate most of their revenue from promotion, there are also some other processes through which they generate the money.

Ibotta gets a referral bonus from the stores. Anytime a customer buys something from a store through them, they generate money. Well, thanks to the shoppers, this wouldn’t have been possible without them. So, you’re one of the key contributors to their success.

They also earn a large chunk of their revenue from pop-up ads and videos. The little task you had to do, the video you had to watch to get the offer, they are all a part of the revenue generation process.


Is Ibotta Worth The Hassle?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could shop and save money at the same time? Yes, you can absolutely do that using the Ibotta App. Grocery lists are one of the top expenses for every household and it’s not something that you can avoid. So, saving up money during grocery shopping is absolutely a win-win situation.

Ibotta is one of the best free apps for saving money on your daily purchases. It doesn’t matter you are an online shopper or In-store shopper. The app covers both. You can save money on everyday shopping items such as fruits, juices, vegetables, soups, fish, and meat, and many more. You can even get discounts on Hotels, electronics, and lifestyles.

Also, who doesn’t want to earn some extra cash? It’s your own earned money that’s coming back to you via this rebate app.


How Much Can You Earn on Ibotta?

Your total earning depends on the amount that you spend on shopping. Well, sometimes the offers spike up so if you can take the benefit of an offer during the given period then it’ll help you generate more cash. You can earn back a few dollars every week if you only purchase household groceries.

However, as we said earlier that purchasing more results in more money, so, investing in more expensive goods will enable you to generate up to $100 a month and more depending on your overall expenditure.


How Does Ibotta Work?

The first thing you need to do is to download the app and then open up an account. As you sign up, you’ll be asked to select some of your favorites from the list of supported retailers both in-store and online.

Right after opening the account, you’ll get exciting offers to hit up your target level to get the coupons. However, you’ll not be getting discounts at the time of checking out. Instead, the cashback is added to your Ibotta account. Once you sum up a large chunk, you can either cash it out or use it later for future purchases.


How Can You Use Ibotta for In-store Purchase?

Step 1 – Download the app and sign up.

Step 2 – Now that you have the account, it’s time to find the suitable offers. You’ll find a small icon with magnifying glass where you can search for your preferred store or there’s also an option that says “find rebates” which helps to pick up your best match. There might be some featured stores as well to make the choosing process even easier.

It features a variety of well-known stores like Wegman, Wholefood, Groupon, etc. You can also find grocery tycoons like Walmart, Costco, Target, etc. as well.
Step 3- Now it’s time to pick your best fit. Once you select the store, you’ll see various offers are there. All you need to do is to browse through the products and pick from the available ones that you want to buy.

After you’re done picking out, you’d be given some simple tasks like watching a video or answer a poll, products you’d like to purchase with a friend, etc. The more tasks you complete, the greater will be the amount of earned money.

Step 4 – It’s shopping time. After completing the tasks, the offers will be added on the pending list and you need to confirm that you bought the products to avail the offer. All you need to do is take a snap of your receipt and send it to them. This will help them track the purchase and usually within 24 hours, the money will be added to your Ibotta account. Easy-peasy, right?

Step 5 – Once you gather enough money, $20 or more, you can cash it out or use it on future purchases as well.


How Can You Use Ibotta for Online Purchase?

The first few steps are similar to in-store purchases. You need to download the app, open an account and find suitable stores. After you pick up your favorite store, look for the offers available in there. However, keep in mind that the offers are mostly available for a limited period. So, you need to purchase before the offer ends.

With online purchases, there’s no need to take a photo of the receipt as the retailer will automatically get notified of your purchase. Online deals are often more enticing than the in-store ones. It often goes up to a whopping 20% for some stores as well.


Advantages of Using Ibotta

Plenty of Offers on Groceries

Coupons are usually given for the products that don’t sell themselves. However, Ibotta is different. They offer plenty of offers on goods that we buy regularly which makes the shopping process very rewarding. You’ll get tons of coupons for daily necessities and commodities. This way, you’ll eventually be saving a lot on your total purchase amount.

“Any brand” Coupons

This feature by Ibotta enables you to enjoy a discount on any brand of your choice. This method not only helps you get the discount but also enables you to go for your preferred choice of brand.

Hassle-free Use

There are many cashback apps that come with a hefty amount of rules and regulations. However, Ibotta is different. Not only the sign-up procedure is easy, so is the cash out process.

Bonus Coupons

Ibotta offers lots of coupons even if you’re not buying items from the featured list. The amount can be as low as fifty cents or so. However, these will eventually add up and create a bigger amount that you’ll be able to cash out.

Prompt Customer Service

Ibotta generally deposits the money on your account within 24-hours of the submission of the receipt. After they have verified your purchase, the money will be added on your account and during your first submission, you’ll also get bonus credit as well.


Disadvantages of Ibotta

$20 Threshold for Withdrawal

Well, no app is perfect. Ibotta also has some demerits that they need to work on. Even though it’s fun to generate money on a discount but what good would be the money if you can’t use it right away?

With Ibotta, you can’t transfer the money from your account to PayPal or other accounts. Sometimes it may take weeks or even months for you to generate that sum of the money depending on the amount you spend. So, that can be a little frustrating.

A Little Difficult to Navigate

Even though the Ibotta app is operating and navigate, handing it can be a bit tricky if you’re not much tech-savvy. However, you’ll get over the obstacles with time and operate it easily.


Ibotta Review: Final Thoughts

If you like shopping and you don’t mind putting some effort to earn back some cash then Ibotta is the one for you. The key to making the most out of your purchases is to buy the things that you need. Don’t get swayed away with the overwhelming number of offers and buy unnecessary things.

It may take some time to gather up a substantial amount. Make a habit of checking into the Ibotta app before you shop from a store be it a bar, restaurant, clothing, or a convenience store. With patience and thorough research, you’ll indeed save a lot.


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